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Is it when you spend every second of your life trying to get more and more?
Tags: addicted
I do have an addictive personality.... and i am addicted to several things ... one of the things i use to control on of my addictions is Alcholics Anonymous.... and it helps but sometimes i still fall... what about you? Are you addicted to playstation? or movies? what is yours?
Kweena Klubs
I am!! lol i can't stand not being able to check my Myspace while in school lol and i could be on it for hours! It's a great way to meet new people from all over the world. :)my Myspace
Whether u call it sprung,whipped,addicted this is definetely how I am feeling I am so addicted to this guy I met online.I met him Monday and he was even cuter in person and I am going out with him again someday only tht I am lying 4 my parents & we will be going to the same skool in september(college).Do I need help or should i continue??He intends that we date in college should i?
Tags: addicted
If not hat game Which pc game are you addicted to?This is the game I am referring to. It is an hidden object game..​sville/index.html
Not too long ago we didn't have cell phones, how did we become so addicted to them? If we go back 10-15 years ago how did we live without them??
Redneck Rev
to get? Are you one of those people who can't go anywhere without your cell phone?
Tags: addicted