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im looking to watch movies on it and possibly run programs off of it, such as windows live messenger. if this is possible please tell me where i can get an adaptor, how much it will cost and how to set this up. im wondering this because i know you can hack a PSP to run operating systems, so i was wondering if the DS had any hacks. if there are, please tell me.
Ranjini​DSOUNDGAMING.jpgThat's what i need please help me find it or if you have one tell me where you got it?It's 2 pictures - one of each side - of the adaptor that i want - Where can i get it?
its a portable Coby tv like this one
i have a dreamcast and i wanna play quake III arena and unreal tournament online but i dont have an adaptor. is there a way to LAN link a dreamcast and a pc to share the connection or something? just some way to get the connection to the dreamcast on the internet for online play
the mp3 adaptor is an optional extra on automatic ford fiesta's (mine is 2006). i would like to find out where the socket is mounted in the interior.