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Elton John
My lecturer talked about it today, but I didn't understand what he was saying about it. Thanks.
Likaboo just wow.Several of these have huge impact. I think the one that had the biggest impact on me was "Just Once". Also, "Mother" and "Laundry Mat", "Jumped", and "Boyfriend".These make it real like I've never seen in an ad campaign before.I've forwarded a link to this to my kids' highschool principal, and encourage y'all to do the same.
Goodbye, Cruel World
When I saw it, it was not even fit to get in. The museum was barely open, maybe not even officially open.
Amazing Guy
If you were granted everything you could ever want, the affection of many, power, money, health, but in return you must accept a promise that you will never experience true love... Would you accept that promise? Would it be worth it?
If you find out a list of the whole crime rate index of some other countries in Europe, post the link, i would really appreciate it. Ireland and Switzerland are the main ones.
I think the basis of the HD war is to reap patent fees. And don't you think it's peculiar that LG announces dual HD compatibility at the begining of 2007? Almost see that LG was told to hold back until both HD's had a chance to get into peoples head.