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I received by mail from her attorney accounting for her trust fund. Her checking and savings accounts were not in with this accounting. Both banking accounts were suppose to have gone to the attorney and executor upon death. Can we legally subpoena these accounts for audit?
Near death experiences are subject to a whole range of factors that are potentially hallucinogenic. and can create false memories. There hasn't been a great deal of research into the effects on the brain of various nearly fatal occurrences, but I think it should be apparent that brain function would not be anything like normal when death is imminent. Why then do people place such importance on accounts of various supernatural occurrences when death is near? Sure its a slight possibility, but the belief in this sort of thing seems awfully disproportionate as compared to other possibilities such as hallucination, false memories, dreams, simulated reality etc. Is there some fundamental need to believe that there is something? Is it so hard to believe that there is nothing after death?
Madoffs' lawyers said $69 million in property and accounts belonged to Ruth Madoff and was unrelated to the fraud. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?
My server uses terminal services, I have a workgroup with about 40 computers listed, and 3 servers listed. I don't want the workstations to have full access to those servers on the workstation. Only 1 folder on 1 of the servers.I set up all the users with accounts on my servers, I'm trying to restrict them from seeing all but 1 folder on those servers. how can this be done?
From what I have been reading the migration will be painful at best? There has been talk of loss of user data and files.... Dead and burning EU's will be found on the side of the exchange supper highway with the Admin handing out aspirin waiting for a fix. We can plan now or do the learn and burn dance of shame, later. Me; I like to be proactive not reactive.
I accidentally signed up for these two services using two separate passport accounts, and I don't want to lose my subscriptions.
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i got a computer on an auction, but all 3 acounts are pass protected. guest account is off so i can't log in at all. how do i get passed an account?
I am the administrator on this computer. I have set up one secondary account user/email and want to change their status