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I've been using accounting SOFTWARE programs for years, and haven't used the old ledger system since.
When I start the program, I click on start new company, then when i get to finish, it says that it is creating my company, then it fails and says "general network error occurred. connection to db has either been turned off or the server is not reachable. please shut down the application and try to log on again." I have no clue what to do next, I have tried to restart the program, even in admin mode, but no luck. I don't know what it means when it says to log in again. Please help...
I'm thinking of majoring in Accounting but i never been a great math student
Two girls in my statistics class told me they were majoring in accounting. I asked them about the job market for that field and they said in the next few years there would be a real need for them. Not like with nurses, but enough need that you could always have a job. What do you think?
We use ProFx for taxes prep, EZ Scedule for tax season scheduling, website for emails and website marketing, Timeslips for bookkkeeping, but don't like it, have no database for customer relations. We have Groupware through our website. Where to begin?
I needed to revise an invoice in Accounting 2007. It is the very first invoice so there is no looooooong number for the invoice number. What is up with this? Why are there no solutions to this because I can't be the only one with this question? "Actions" to "Void Invoice" results in nothing. I have to get this invoice out to my customer in a couple of hours. I suppose I will have to do this manually.
I would like to use Excel but am clueless about formula needed to do this