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I have Apple Mail version 2.1.1.I'm trying to set up a gMail account with it, but I'm not sure if they're compatible.Thank you.
I used to get an icon with a butterfly. It's gone. But even when I had it I couldn't complete the sign-in process.
Let's say, when I am on my computer, is there a way that another person (contact of mine) will show up on my screen so that I can know they are also on-line too? What if I want to "chat" or IM?
I personally think that asking to continue or cancel when u open a program which is authorized and installed is Attire stupidity!!!! So guys can u please help me with steps !!!
My husband can access his hotmail account from our computer but since last night I can't. Please advise.
the PC is on a domain linked to the win 2003 server edt serverI heard I have to buy the program called ghost.. is this correct? if not how do i set restrictions like hiding control pannel?see my other question bout servers