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how do i set so the other user can download,install or uninstall programs
I want to know how I can delete my account at the fanbox website (the web-based desktop) because I didn't create it. It was created automatically when I viewed and answered a question a member from that website had sent me.Please help me because I am really really worried about this.Thanks.
I dunno. I bought a new one. I don't know squat about one. Internet pay twice or all connected or separate or can both be used do I get charged twice HUH?
Queen Mabds
keeps on saying there were problems.Is anybody else in this situation?
few weeks ago I moved a windows Live ID on my xbox 360 the old account few days later showed a delegate account a Mirror copy of my transfered data and my current added data under my new account Live won't let me close my old account because of this delegate account.
i finally got halo 2 for vista (yay!!) and i wanna know if my live silver account will work for online play. i know h2 comes with a free 1 month gold account but then i gotta pay for that after the month is up.
Write to me at [email protected] In subject area put From Questions and Answers. This way I can retreive them from my junk mail before I empty. Love you all Benjoh