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Blue Cafe
All over the world, financial houses & banks are shedding the ever declining USD. Do you think it 'just happened' that economic forces naturally caused the deflation of the mighty Greenback, or was there planning behind it
There was a serious car accident in my area that killed one Corrections Officer from the Lakeview Corrections Facility who was also the Fire Chief for West Seneca Fire Department.The other driver John was also a Corrections Officer for the County Jail and was Starflighted to Hamot Medical Center in Erie PA and is a friend of ours. We are not sure how he is doing at this time but he has really serious injuries.John's brother is also a police officer for the City of Dunkirk NY.javascript:playVideo('1485116', 'West%20Seneca%20Fire%20Chief%20Dies%20in%20Car%20Crash', 'v', 'News', '131167', 'Homepage', '', '');If this link does not work go to this link and click on the West Seneca Fire Chief dies story
Chicago Lady
Here is one link​reak&ts=T&tmi=chi_break_1_12020508102007
My grandma and grandpa got into a really bad accident wed. And there is NOTHING in the news paper about it. Im trying to find out if they are trying to keep my grandmothers death a secret from the world or not. She died 2 days after the car wreck.Basically, They were on their way to work, and a car came over the median and hit them head on. My grandfather is okay. Broken leg. The guy who hit them IS WALKING THE STREETS! The cops arent doing a damn thing about it. Someone, Please, Help me.
i would like to know where in southern california two people with the last name Ontiveroz died after being hit by a car in May of 1989
I've done this for not making a job interview. However, if someone tries to fix you up with a girl, and then I propose to her that we meet on a weekend, and she says she has a plan, so we plan for next weekend.She then calls right before the next weekend, and says she's sorry she can't make it because she had a car accident and her car is still in shop.I am dateless, but that doesn't mean I am a dummy. Isn't that just a lame excuse saying that she doesn't want to meet me? What do you think?
let's say there's a war going against country or gang war. a reporter is sent in to cover the story. the reporter is in line of fire and is shot and dies. how would this incident be viewed? if murder, on who's part? the people doing the shooting or the job for sending the reporter in for the story? if an accident, could the family ,left to mourn, accept it as just an accident? could you? just wondering in lieu of the recent boot camp decision. just heard the kid collapsed while doing laps and got the crap beat out of him.
will the insurance company give out the details of the insurance policy of th at fault driver