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This is for research to determine if people allow change.
Blue Cafe
If you had a choice of saving Free Market Capitalism by replacing all currencies with a Global RFID implant or going back to the Keynesian Mixed Economic model, which would you choose?
My domestic policy part 2:4. I would make all crimes against children a federal crime. If convicted of sexually based crimes against children, would be an automatic life sentence if convicted, no possibility of parole. All child murderers convicted would receive an automatic death sentence. Which would include a 3 strikes appeals. After 3 appeals, a date will be selected for your death sentence.5. Murder would also be declared a federal crime. Sentence, penalty and appeals for murderers, would be the same as for child killers.6. Mandatory drug rehab programs, including education for lesser convicts on both the State and Federal level. You must complete all required programs, including education and job training programs before any release or parole. This also includes convicted juveniles.7. Juveniles who commit adult crimes, including all violent crimes as well as murder and sex crimes, will be tried as adults, No exceptions!
Here we are winding down in the final days of qna...I would like to share this song, "Will You Miss Me?" photo's too! ;)XO CE???
Umais Hussain
Right now, I have to find a printer I like on a review site (like CNET, or PCWorld) and then find the detailed specs of the printer and then realize it doesn't print on paper that is thick enough for my liking. Is there an easier way? For me, I'd love a ranking of printers by paper input thickness.
Jeff Kandra
I use the MSN toolbar to save the various logins and password on the many sites I log onto. Its great because it remembers all those different logins and passwords that I cannot remember. But after accumulating lots of them, it tells me I'm at the max number of websites, and I must delete one before I can add more. But no matter how many I delete, it won't add more.
Some sites it will work and others won't. Getting pretty pissed off. Somebody out there knows this answer. HELP !
I got a new computer and lost lthe game. I just bought the game again and it won't accept the #
Somehow I mis configured my computer and locked myself out what can I do ? Please Please don't laugh!!!