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I just bought a game and it says my computer need video acceleration I jsut got my computerand it has winmx and is vista ready. and i have multimedia edition
my direct x diagnostics or some such said that i need to enable the above said, so that i can play my the diagnostics however i don't know how to make it let me enable the directdraw acceleration
Such as if a toy car was rolled down a ramp, if I loaded it up with weights, would it increase in speed? And is there a formula that describes this?
i checked for error codes and it throws code p1102 fuel metering malfunction... what could this be caused by. Maybe MAF. When i erase the code and restart the car the check engine light comes on immedately
Parth A
engine light started with a blink and now is constantly onvehicle has new plugs - old wiresnew fuel filterno catalytic converter