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farms'.......Seems there's roughly 100,000 of them in the United States. It was a big undercover investigation, enough to make the most callous person sick.. HELLO ALL YOU PET OWNERS......Anyway, these are largely female puppies that are kept in crates or boxes for breeding- they never get to walk, breathe fresh air (in fact, when they are freed or found, they CAN'T walk because they never knew how)....they're chained....the chains often growing into their skin. The females get cancer all the time because they breed them so much- some have as many as 140 litters a year...continued in comments......
Its like another Driver Cleaner but I'm just wondering if theres another program that I can just download thats free. ANd Basically its a program that deltes urls you have typed in and records you have kept and thigns you have entered in forums..etc (cookies)
I have a friend who has the dirtiest house I've ever seen. We've been friends for 30 years, and it is getting worse. Toys, dishes, newspapers, clothing, junk everywhere. You have to move something to sit down. The bathroom is disgusting and so is the kitchen. Funny thing is, she'll tell me her house is a pig sty, but she won't clean it....and isn't embarassed by having people over! Her youngest is 5 and always sick, and I think it could be all of the dirt and mold in her house. She asks me to come over, but I just can't do it. Last time I was there, there was a pile of dog poop on the floor in the kitchen, and it was beginning to fossilize. I'm too grossed out to go back there again.
My 7 yr old son and I were drawing innovative pictures from shapes. I was in a sombre mood. I drew a lollipop from a circle and with flourish he completed my rather dull sketch by giving my 'pop a big curly mustache. I burst out laughing. My son made me proud by being a thorough future cartoonist, humorist and a mini nut.