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M.L.K. said "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: It is the presence of justice".What is true peace to you?
The Oracle
one summer when I had a job at the Michigan School for the Blind (where, by the way, Stevie Wonder went and was roomates with my godbrother who's name was George George...for trivia fans)...Anyway.....this is a residential as well as training facility for the blind. My job was to physically inventory all the property owned by the State of Michigan. One dormitory I came across had small children...roughly in the age range of 4 to 9.......who were no only blind, but could not speak or hear as well. They communicated touch. It was absolutely gut wrenching and sad to see these little ones- totally dependent on the outside world......what was YOUR experience of something really sad?
I am totally new to creating websites. I am looking to create a site such as etc.What language would be best to start out with? I've heard Visual Basic is a good starting point? Any input is aprecaited!
I want to be able to move my presentations and hyperlinked files to either a portal, network, or CD without breaking the links.
then why is it that people turn absolutely batty when trying to reach a perfect thousand-answer quota-score for absolutely nothing in this Q & A's Forum ?