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after you say why look at this it may change your mind:
Abortion is horrible but many think it is good while others think its bad what's your opinion? i mean abortion is taking someones life how is it that people can be so willing towards getting an abortion?
I read some comments and some answers that made me wonder about stereotypes that we have of other people, and if many, or any are based in fact.Does being strongly for or against one of them, predispose to you toward feeling the same way about one (or more) of the others?NDwind's Q inspired this Q...​4CC7
doesnt that prevent a chick from being born, much like an abortion stops a human from being born
financial crisis? does this action help the US in any way?What are your thoughts?
These political questions are interesting - I wish the candidates would have had as lively debates as we have had on QnA - it would certainly have made things much more clear to the voting public. Anyway - I have noticed a number of questions about Obama supporting abortion and was wondering what scripture verses the "Christian" Democrats could dig up to support their views. It seems to me that to support Obama is to deny your Christian faith - show me otherwise if you can.