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Thousands, if not millions of children are dying in the world due to starvation and poor family planning. Yet adoption of these children is slow and painstaking for those who want to adopt. Moreover, women keep having more babies totally ignoring the pain of those children who are already alive. Isn't mothering what is important and not the egotistical reproduction of ourselves?
We are having a problem with people dropping off pregnant female cats on our farm. Do they not realize we don't have unlimited space for these animals?
We found a set of kittens in the garage in the old plastic kiddie pool - it looks like the mother may have abandoned them. What should we do with the kittens? I want to make sure they are well cared for and fed, what do I give them?
It was abanndoned on my property and I need to get a set of keys for it.
I bought a property in foreclosure and there is a car parked in the garage. Now I need to get rid of the car. I dont have the title to it and the car is not drivable and I cannot even tell of the condition. It parked so close to the wall with some body parts and very dusty too. Need help to get rid of it.