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Looking at their years in action: One candidate (Sen. Obama) has always pursued a primary goal of gathering public and private monies to supply efforts to help low income groups of American citizens have a better life.One candidate (Sen. McCain) has always pursued a primary goal of increased budget management.Would you describe the "personal priorities" of each differently?Which of these two is the more important?Is there a separate issue that you think BOTH are missing?
them. Whether someone is likeable has little to do with their ability to maintain an economy that directly affects the world economy; or to make decisions that impact almost every nation. Is it important to you to know whether others 'like' your future president, or would you like to know how they think?
His IS still the president. What is he doing to help before Obama takes over?
Tags: economy
Cutey With A Booty
6.5% unemployment, 250,000 jobs loss in October. Christmas retail shopping is projected to be dismal.... Why isn't Bush trying to do something???
Ob Since my childhood I found the notion that we are superior "race" totally abhorrent. This lead me from young age to rebel against this false concept of "race" which lead to intense studies in religions, philosophy, science and ideologies. There is no real (meaning natural) demarcation of such thing called "race". Do you subconsciously categorize people to inferior and superior on the basis of superficial external differences or do you view them equal humans but differ only how good a person they are? Please dig deep before answering?
Gray Wolf
Some members of our government jumped to bail out Wall Street but they seem to be willing to let the U.S. auto industry collapse.
If so, are there any suggestions for replacement employment for those whose jobs depended on consumers and easy credit?
We have just finished the second of only two jobs this year. Luckily, they were big jobs because we don't know when there will be another. Anyone in construction doing much better?
another fair any better. People paid down debts-saved the money- but spent only about 12 billion on purchases of the 78 billion rebate checks from the first package. What would make another one any difference for the economy?
Do you think we need to stop giving everyone so much energy? Should we have an energy limit to areas based on population? I have to admit I am spoiled with my summer air-conditioning, winter heat, Mini-van family vehicle and the continual use of driving it. I think sometimes we are so afraid of changing our daily routine of driving, eating and using so much energy we aren't going to be able to recover. We really have to consider ending our addiction to energy. Is it possible? Do you think if we would reverse some of the energy using trends back to more manual labor with less pollution, we could stimulate the job market and have new industries to tap into to help the economy recover? This would also mean people would have to be more patient and less instant gratification. Could you handle the change?
Redneck Rev
I noticed that the gas prices are going lower and lower. Is it going to keep going down or will gas go back up? And what is causing them to lower gas prices?
The price per gallon of gas has dropped considerably. $1.87 is the lowest I've seen so far. Still dropping.If it can get so low so quickly, why did it get so high to begin with? What is it that WE don't know?