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Bud 28
houses collapse or would the market just go further in the tank? Is this something we should worry about?
Or has the price increases at the supermarket and possibly other things- as yet to be seen-canceled each other out. I carry another health insurance plan which will increase by 8 percent soon. So on my part-taking all things into consideration - I will be taking one step forward and two steps back.
Will it cause you to lay off workers or inflate your prices to keep them?
In the last eight years my salary has doubled. My wife's salary has nearly doubled also.We've moved three times, each up in value and size,have 0 balance on my credit cards,alittle in the bank,lost some in market(but that's life).Maybe alittle less complaining alittle more saving and hard work. Make yourself the best at what ever you do.We have the right to the pursute of happiness. Not the right of happiness.
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McCain is now in a statistical tie his own State? With less than a week until Election Day, McCain is leading Obama, by just 2 percentage points, 46% to 44%, down from a 7% lead a month ago and a double-digit lead this summer, according to a poll from Arizona State University. The AP-GfK polls released today show Obama winning among early voters, favored on almost every issue, benefiting from the country's sour mood and widely viewed as the winning candidate by voters in eight crucial states , Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Is this thing turning out to be a landslide?
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The following is "buyer's info" direct from wikipedia:Barack Obama, elected by the Board of Directors as founding chairman and president of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (1995–1999), resigned as chairman and president in September 1999 to run as a candidate in the 2000 Democratic primary for the Senate.The results of an August 2003 final technical report of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project by the Consortium on Chicago School Research "suggest that among the schools it supported, the Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence."[
Jims Best Angle
I was looking at the Obama Tax Plan and can find any mention of the current Child Tax Credit of $1,000 per child. The word Child or Children is mentions 12 times in this PDF. does not address the Child Tax Credit so I must assume, it will expire with the Bush Tax cuts in 2009.BO's tax calculator (Ha! Ha!) says, I will save $1,300 over the McCain Plan, but if the Child tax Credit in acted under the "Bush tax cuts" expire that figure makes no sense?McCain wants to extend the "Bush Tax cuts" which would maintain the Child tax Credit. How can the BO plan actually save me money, if families who actually pay taxes loose a TAX CREDIT of $1,000 per Child. It does not added up for me how about you??
I'll put "global warming" under world economic growth, ..and local "job security" under wealth redistribution (..Do I need a placeholder for "Personal Fulfillment"? .."Religious Fulfillment? .."World Economy"? ..or "Honest Government"?) ..Of the above choices, which is YOUR most personal concern?
Some people think we were encouraged to war with Iraq because we could see a shortage of oil ahead, and we wanted to make sure we would have enough for our own needs. I mean, ..They had more than they deserved, right? ..So we can take "our share", right? ..They OWED it to us, right? Isn't that what we are saying about people with more money than us? ..Did they steal it? ..Was it ours until they took it? ..How did they take it? ..How much do they owe me in return??? In Iraq, many Iraqis did not like what they saw, and those that could afford it, just left. That could happen here in America if we "go to war" over capital resources.How many of you like war? ..May I see your votes???