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Jims Best Angle
If a two guys in Britain who do comedy could figure out the potential for economic disaster that sub prime lending represented why couldn't the morons in Washington DC. Check this out it is pretty funny two guys seem they have hit the nail right on the head, right down to the bail-out or may be this is were the idea of the bail-out came from originally. It was POSTED JANUARY 2008
Jims Best Angle
Legally do you know how much cash your are allowed to have in your possession at any given point in time in the United States?
John McCain was almost alone in his dogged determination to see the chaotic slaughter in Iraq brought under control. He, General David Petraeus, and thousands of brave men and women volunteers, brought sense and reason to that warfare, and succeeded in drawing down that violence. John McCain wants to end the sufferings of Guantanamo, and find a release from the bonds which hold us all. He demands that we never even consider cruelties or tortures. John McCain will keep America strong, ..he is determined to ensure that no enemy even consider war with us. Barack Obama has already announced his aggressions toward Iran, Afghanistan, and any area within Pakistan where he believes he may find the now cave-dwelling Osama bin Laden. John McCain has been through that pain, ..and he has found his way back. He knows the path, he has been down it already, he knows that experience. Sen. Obama does not. As we elect our guide for the next four years, ..shouldn't we choose the leader who knows the way?
From NBC's Domenico MontanaroPutting the $106 million that Obama spent in the first 15 days of October in perspective...OBAMA'S OCT 1-15 SPENDING = $105,599,963.76That's more than $293,000 an hour.It's also 49% of EVERYTHING McCain has spent the entire time he has been running for president ($216,769,840).By contrast, McCain's Oct. 1-15 spending was $9,246,618.70 (or $26,000/hr). The RNC,s Oct. 1-15 spending: $45,189,239, less than a third of Obama's spending during the same period.Just wait. If he gets elected, you will see what his proposal of 800 billion dollars of additional spending will do to this country. 800 billion / 8760 hours in a year x 4 years in office = 22,831,050.23 dollars per hour of ADDITIONAL spending on programs such as universal healthcare and other mandated/ government run programs that Obama is calling for. Do you really think that the wealthiest 1% of Americans are going to fund that? If so, have fun living in poverty.
Hah!! ..Good job, DNC! ..Good job Mr. Schumer! ..But may I say that it is NOT the election of Sen. Obama to highest office that is the largest question here (..although I DO wish he would learn to respect our national anthem!) ..What about our election process? ..If we add this (Democrat favored) "manipulation of the markets", to the ballot-box stuffing that the Democrats are doing, to the media's "gag-order" on anyone standing in opposition to the Democrat's nominee (.."All the opposition people are simply racists!") Well, looks like we really ARE in a "depression", ethical one! How do we dig ourselves back to the lights of honest government?
Last month that case was won in favor of the lawyer. It was brought by the ACLU, ..the Harvard Lawyer crowd from which Sen. Obama has emerged. The lawyer wanted our "right of free speech" to cover his advising the bankruptcy client that he should go out and buy another car or house first, before they file the bankruptcy. Sen. Obama supports the ACLU. The next President will have several opportunities to appoint U.S. Supreme Court judges. What kind of judges do we want to hire? ..Do we want judges who believe that lying on a credit application is a matter of "Free Speech"? ..Is that what Jefferson intended?
Sen. Obama says he will cut taxes for 95% of people. Yet I didn't hear him say he was going to lower tax rates. How is he going to cut my taxes?
It is so sad that people have to do desperate things to live. Many look forward to these sales-I myself will pass.
What was JFK's reasoning for proposing a new Corporate Tax Rate?