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Blue Cafe
If you had a choice of saving Free Market Capitalism by replacing all currencies with a Global RFID implant or going back to the Keynesian Mixed Economic model, which would you choose?
Seems like now that I know everyone(businesses in general) are hurting and I have a fixed salary, I shop more at the busnesses that I like over the competitors. I am worried about store closures and would really like to help. So, I figure that my purchase is a vote to keep the business running or store open.
Im wondering what percentage of America's GDP consist of sales from major companys? Microsoft, Apple, EA or any other finace/pharaceutical companys you may know of...
The democrats have a plan to improve our ailing economy. The republicans have nothing but their ability to criticize.
Just read an article about fear of the Swine Flu causing the price of oil to drop. Even after reading the article I have no idea how the 2 are connected. Why would a Flu bug drive the price of oil down?
Blue Cafe
Gold is not necessary. I have no interest in Gold. We'll build a state without an ounce of Gold behind it.
When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?