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Does anyone actually know ? Will it increase more than previous years increases or less basically ?
Jims Best Angle
Obama says he is going to give 95% of Americans a break on their Federal Taxes. Forgetting the fact that 40% of Americans do not pay any Federal Income tax, how is he going to do this. Congress writes the tax laws not the President. The President can sign or veto the congresses' tax bill but that is it.If Nancy Pelosi sends BO a bill that raises taxes on 60% of Americans (those actually paying taxes now) does anyone think BO has the fortitude to say NO and Veto the bill?
It seems to me that it's all over the news when gas prices go higher and higher. But when they come down, I usually don't hear anything.I just passed a gas station this morning and the price of regular unleaded was something like $3.45 a gallon. And here in northern CA it had gone up to something like $4.75.What has prompted the decrease in price?
I wonder how many people do that.I know about a couple of gas stations near my house that tend to have lower prices, and I usually just go to them. So I don't go online or drive around to find cheaper alternatives -- seems to me you could actually spend more money in gas driving further to a cheaper station!What do you do?
Jims Best Angle
Hypothetically, what would happen.Since we all know BO's tax plan is nothing but hot air and the only one that matters is the one Congress sends to his desk for his signature. What do you think Obama will do, should he get a tax bill from the congress, that raise taxes not just on 5% of the population but raises it on 50%.What will BO do with this bill.1) Veto it because he promised to give 95% of American a tax break and he is a man of his word.2) Sign it because he has a long history of following the party line.What do you think he would do, the scenario is very possible.
Are you trying to save for harder times-or-do you believe we are on the up-swing? PEACE
Blue Cafe
Would you accept it? Would you applaud it? Would you care? Sarkozy is drumming up the idea of "exploring New Currency Systems" whatever that may entail. Would you accept a global currency system or take it a step further & accept RFID implants to solve the worlds market problems
John McCain argued for years to get the controlled results we now see in Iraq ( 14 times fewer deaths!) ..He has long fought for proper detainee treatment in Gitmo. This election day, he now fights to end the party wars in Congress, and to get proper treatment of the American taxpayers at the Budget table. Sen. Obama is an intelligent, highly successful student, ..but what is he fighting for this election day?