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Many production facilities have moved to China, Mexico, etc. There is no way for an american to survive on the wages paid in these countries. The assembly of one product line where I work has been moved to China. The units are shipped here to be tested and inspected by our people, then shipped to the dealers. The benefits to corporations/stockholders of moving production to other countries is so great, how can the American worker compete?? Last week we had two unpaid days off due to lack of work and rumors of layoffs. What can be done?
When Kmart went into bankruptcy the stock was worthless but the new stock took off in value.... so what happens to Ford and GM stock....
One Twisted Child
.​4.ecesomething not mentioned, the US exports a great deal of waste to China, one of the largest exports nowadays is paper, that's right, paper. The US used to export automobiles, now they export old newspapers. What are they going to do with it if China doesn't buy it?Another point, imagine the economies of Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia. Weaker economies equals more devastation?Could this become as bad as the millions dead from starvation after Mao's cultural revolution?It truly is a global economy after all, does it still sound like such a great idea?
There was a time when people took pride in their work. Now workers do the minimum. What is built no longer lasts. It's designed to fail. Is this good for the consumer?Remember "service" stations? (Gas stations to you younger folk.) They used to wash your windshield every time you filled the tank. They'd ask to check your oil. Now they just want you to buy something from their mini-mart. Did you know you can't buy a half gallon of ice cream anymore? Look next time. It's now either 1.5 (Dreyers) or 1.75 quarts. They still charge the same amount. Candy bars get smaller and smaller, but the price goes up and up. Packaging is often designed to deceive the consumer. (I saw this with Sugar Babies. The box got bigger, but the weight was decreased.)I am so tired of buying things that last three weeks then break.Most of us have health insurance, but it protects us less and costs more. If you have an expensive illness, will you be covered? Will you be dropped?
The Oracle
During the thirties, they called it the great depression. they didn't give a name to the one in the eighties, but many experts think that this one is going to be worse, and could possibly last for ten years or more. do you think that they will give this recession a name, and if so what do you think it will be?
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He has two options:1. To Borrow. With the US in so much debt, that doesn't seem like a good idea.​2079rank.html2. He can print more money, which causes inflation, which causes rising prices, which.....Do you see the point?
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Bud 28
Are Barrack and Michelle proposing to be a "two fer" like Bill and Hillary did?
Ever notice that bugets and other economic variables sometimes go crazy just before a country's major political election, is held, impacted by heightened sense/concerns about the unknown? I wonder if we will see some immediate impact on the current market volatility once the US election results come out. And if we do, I sure hope it has the right impact and gets the market moving again globally!