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Under the heading of Homeland Security, AIG provides insurance coverage to organizations that might be at risk of a terrorist attack, including property terrorism insurance, cyber-attack insurance, kidnap.ransom and extortion insurance. There's also contaminated products insurance covering accidental contamination or malicious tampering.They also insure commercial banks and even other insurance companies.There's an extensive list of areas they cover here:​toryview#cnnSTCOther1But how can they insure against any of this if they can't even run their own business? Another ponzi scheme? Where would their money come from if there was a major terrorist attack or if there was huge bank failure?
feel this trip can be detrimental to her and US relations if something were to go wrong. I personally do not think she should go. There will be an increase of 183 million dollars to hire more individual against the battle on drugs; however, we have our own war on drugs going on in our own country, such as meth. Where will all this money come from?
Dear Mr. President,There's about 40 million people over 50 in the work force; pay them $1 million apiece severance with two stipulations if they are citizens:1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.
you would vote for him?​8D97&pUrl=ShowUser.aspx%3fview%3d1We could add Russ as head financial adviser and Blixa as head of the DEA. What do you all think?
Bud 28
bread lines in case we need them to 'bail' ourselves out? This assumes we can find soup and bread when the time comes.
Bud 28
similar circumstances said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Who is right?
Bud 28
alleviating the need for tax cuts in porkulus? Maybe thIs is the type of unintended consequence that law makers won't consider.
Bear with me. I am new to business and economics
Bud 28
1. He has a healthy disregard for the IRS which he now heads? 2. As a Federal Reserve banker he better understands the need to bail out bankers withtaxpayers money.3 The federal reserve needs someone to represent them in the executive branch.
As Sec of Treasury, you would expect much more credible and experienced name who would exude confidence to the public and definitely to the investors. He seems a bit lightweight for that task and fail to meet the caliber the job requires. That may be my own reading from his performance so far but that could hurt the administration's credibility and erode confidence further in the administration's ability to solve the mammoth problems and crisis the country and thus the world is facing. It is much worse than any past period, worse than the great depression when there were no global markets and crisis propagated and reverberated slowly. I had warned/mentioned about this threat/risk of crisis almost a year ago and I think much more strongly that Obama needs to install much more powerful team to fight the war, again this is not a mere crisis it is a war against credit deficiency, trust erosion and if it spreads to central banks and the governments then nothing could help.
Blue Cafe
Is the public now entitled to dividends if this is the case?
Congress approved the massive bailout, and Paulson keeps changing his mind about how to spend the money. Unilaterally, I might add. And as government policy keeps changing, it makes already volatile markets even more so. I remember a scene from the movie, "Hudson Hawk", in which the female love interest tries to shoot the bad guy that Bruce Willis is fighting, but keeps hitting Willis. Finally he shouts out: "Stop helping me!" Are we at that point with our government trying to "fix" the economy where every attempt just hurts it more, and we need them to stop "helping" us?​w_recovery.html