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With a Tax for living together unmarried added into rent and mortgages (higher for couples with children), most States can collect the entire cost of welfare paid out without raising taxes on married couples and individuals who do not use welfare as a means of couples income and health benefits for children. It is believed that it would decrease the rising cost of health care and the States deficits over a short period of years.
is this the end of the world as we know it? Well I'm doing just fine!!!
Not all of us make $250K a year so it's not something we can consult our financial advisors, accountants and lawyers about, what can the lower and lower middle class people do to save money or just be able to afford to live?This is not a political platform. I am looking for some advice on what things I can do to pay my bills without going into deep dark debt. Please don't ask give me rhetoric, give me some ideas.
wall street main street NO GO
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There were republicans that did not want to vote for this bailout of Wall Street and John McCain changed their minds and brought them together to work on a plan that would benefit the tax payers, but after hearing Pelosi's ignorant partisan speech they said "forget it." The republicans worked just as hard on coming up with the proposed plan and Pelosi turned it into a political bashing of the Bush administration. The dems are majority in congress and if they feel this is so important then they should have asked Obama to talk to those 96 or 94 dems who voted no and Obama should have made a stand one way or the other. He still hadn't gave his answer as a yes or no for this proposed plan. Per usual, he probably would have voted "present."
Home prices are dropping right now. Everyone says it is the time to buy. Do you agree? A lot of people are under the impression the home prices will sky rocket again shortly after the New Year. My wife and I set a target date of late 2009, early 2010, to buy our first house. Are we waiting too long?
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In this video, the representative says"Mr Speaker, I understand we are under Marshall Law as declared by the Speaker Last Night" the general public miss something?
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Honest Opinion
Just curious if anyone with investments in the Stock Market are panicking. Seeing as I'm only 14, I don't have stocks, but I know I would be panicking if I did. Just wondering. Good luck to all you investors.
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Is the deregulation that proponents of laissez fair neo liberalism put into place the cause of the worlds current economic woes? Is free market deregulation a greedy myth?