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Now that petrol is so expensive, are people who previously sniffed petrol now turning to other drugs? Are people firebombing less too?
If a barrel of oil costs $120, why not simply charge $240 for a bushel of exported wheat? They raise the price, wheat triples in price. Fair? Or let them eat sand?
The Oracle
ourselves at home going down the drain economically and Iraq has a multibillion dollar oil revenue? Am I missing something here? Would you please slap me in the head with a catfish and tell me how this makes sense?
I think the last question I said of, Will we be on top? was not put correctly so I put it in a different format that I think is a little bit more fitting.
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ive never understood it :S
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How do you dipict over employment/labour shortages on the IS-LM curve?[endif] [endif]
Ze'_enigma Of Dissidence..!!!
Perhaps my question should be "What can cause you to change your mind?" But actually my purpose is not to change minds whenever I find questions and answers on Q&A that seem to me to be unsupported by the facts or misrepresented, I do some research and if I come across factual material to support an answer I usually cite my reference as being a "fact." However, my intention is not to change minds, but rather to "set the record straight," because I believe that for most people their minds are already made up, Do you agree?
The Oracle
Million..that's right).....Is THIS man a good choice to be totally in charge of the biggest federal bail-out in history?.....Or should it be someone more middle class, someone more 'average joe'?......On the other hand, he has an excellent background in finance and economics and management....YOUR thoughts?
The Oracle
NOT work, will we be worse off than not having attempted anything at all?
I seem to remember a time when the current unemployment rate was an example of improvement in a sluggish economy during the 1980's. Am I remembering correctly that at one time, under Reagan, the US had an 11% unemployment rate?