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burden and the other 25% is paid by 58% of Americans. And many of the 58% fall into the $250K amount Obama uses and many of the 58% are small business owners.
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Buy low, sale high. With the Stock Market so low "We the People" could see a win win for are economy and the long term funding of Social Security. Buy low, sale high..... BUY LOW, SALE HIGH !
Some people think we are heading for another. If so, will it end like the other one did?
Cutting marginal tax rates can also be perceived as primarily beneficial to the wealthy, which commentators such as Paul Krugman see as politically rather than economically motivated.Quoted from:
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He said he was lowering taxes for the poor people. What races are majority poor, what do they buy, after buying it what happens (again)? But if we lower taxes for the rich people, they can invest it into great things. Wal-Mart can lower prices so the poor people can afford it. If Microsoft has enough money (as planned) a new version of Windows comes out and prices get lower of those items. If the poor people get more money more drugs will be bought and be broke again and prices will go up higher. Do we want this to happen? Is it just me or does Obama need to go? What's Black church? NAACP AND "Black church", makes Black church sound like it's a company of sponsorships with more goofballs. Who agrees with me on this?
There are good arguments for why food and gas prices going up, like increased consumption by China and India. I wonder how much these price increases are affected by speculation in futures markets as opposed to good old supply and demand?
Now that we, barring any amazing recounts, know who the next pres. is, I had a thought:I was watching CBS news, and they showed Rev. Jesse Jackson. He was overwhelmed, crying. I took it as he was pleased with Obama's victory. I think a lot of people feel the same way, bursting with joy at the results. I'm happy for them.I am saddened though. I fear the next four years are going to be very difficult for all of us. We are in an economic spiral that will not correct itself overnight. The man in office for the next four years will have to work VERY hard to simply keep things from getting worse. Obama has a great challenge ahead of him.I am wondering if it was the right time for our first African American president. Many.........ah..........shall we say short sighted people.......will blame Obama for the state of the economics. It will take great decision making to just do some damage control. Its like Obama is starting the race a lap behind. Wish he could have a better opportunity.
There has been speculation in the last couple of months that 'we' (the world) would be better off with a Global Currency. Right now, most global markets are based off of the top three, Dollar, Euro and Yen. What would happen if we just joined them into one currency, some refer to it as the DEY. Would it work? Would it fail? Why? And if Waldo doesn't want to be found, why doesn't he change that stupid shirt?