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If I could explain this Q, I would not be asking.
More areas and countries are turning to corn as a cash cow, plowing under existing crops thanks in part to government subsidies. And the cost of a gallon of ethanol fuel uses more natural resources to make than other fuels. Is corn still the answer?
Are checks equally distributed, or is it based on some formula?Do only individual tax payers get the check, or do businesses as well?How much can one expect to get from year to year?
Blue Cafe
The Satanic Bibles basic tenet is "Might is Right", let the weak perish & the strong get stronger - same as Capitalism.It also states that Envy, greed & ambition are great motivators without which nothing would get accomplished - same as Capitalism.Could Capitalism be closer to Satanism than its atheist sibling Communism?
Blue Cafe
Why did they pluck that figure out of the air & why is it so much higher than the estimated losses?
the world's financial markets. France is the head of the EU right now. Sarkozy wants a complete realignment of capitalistic finance around the world. He has called the current crisis a product of American Capitalism gone wild and based more on speculation rather than actually economy. The EU states that modern economics that have been in place since the end of WWII does not work anymore. He calls for tighter restrictions and transparency and all G7 countries to get together to figure out what the new situation will be. It also looks like America will have to comply. What do you think about this? I say YES!!!!!!!!!!
desk with a Line Item veto, or Congress by passing legislation to make it so there can only be one subject per bill? Meaning, who should be held responsible for cutting the pork from our national budget?
Bud 28
socialism is responsible for our subprime financial meltdown. Our vote pandering, redistribute the wealth,liberal, socialistic Congress has crippled Fannie and Freddie and stopped effective financial oversight.McCain should have his hands slapped for "reaching across the isle" to these socialists.
Blue Cafe
Private Enterprise had to be supported by the public purse when years of unfettered freedom led to this huge financial collapse. Is Free market Capitalism a fundamentally flawed ideology?