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Have the stocks fallen so much that it's the Crash of 2008 now?
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Foreclosed Home Loans are getting interest rate reductions to save their home, what about the person who is making their payment and not delinquent? Are they getting a interest rate reduction? NO! Is This Fair?
When a consumer is insolvent, its called a Bankruptcy, this is not a bail-out , its plain and simple Wall-street and our own Government?
Blue Cafe
If you borrow money from a bank which borrowed it from the federal Reserve which made it out of nothing with no Gold backing or backing of anything at all, why does the Federal Reserve demand Real Collateral for a fiat currency?
Blue Cafe
While the taxpayers are taking the brunt of losses in the private Banking sector, is the converse true that profits will be distributed publicly to the ratio of the Governments stake in the Banks?
i need to write a paper on how the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacksaffected the airline stock market, so i need to find data on dailyairline stock returns that cover the period from september 2000 toseptember 2002. where can i find the data? thank you for helping me.
Budweiser was bought by a foreign company, and no longer American owned. Many people protested this buyout, and feel this is foreign takeover of America's economy... Do you agree or disagree?
The Oracle
significantly? (Unless you're filthy rich of course) more walking, hahaha?
Do you think we have entered into a recession, or do you think we have moved deeper towards a depression?
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I'm having to write an essay on the topic "should education be free?"and, while exploring different points of view, I came to wonder howstudents in different systems/countries pay for their tuition/cost ofliving etc. Swedish higher education is provided free of charge throughpublic funding, but students have to pay any course material,literature and of course living expenses. I would be grateful for anyinput from those of you with first-hand experience. Thanks in advance!
1) What are the specific impacts of globalizaton on charities?2) What are the specific impacts of globalization on donors?3) How are these impacts affecting charities, nonprofits and donors?4) Are their trends that professional fundraisers should be aware of that might change the fundraising models of the future?5) How about the global economic crisis? Will donors begin to fund global issues over local issues during this crisis? Will donors hold back their global level donations and go for helping to fix local crisis issues during this crisis? Do they have a closer to home focus during crisis times which affect their personal wealth?
What percentage would it pollution production decrease if everyone quit smoking?