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if the gov, can help the banks how come the gov, can't help the homeowner and cut there home loans in half
Today, Sep 22, I had to drive all over Asheville, NC to find a gas station with any gasoline ... and then had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to get to the pumps. The story is that there is little gasoline coming from the hurricane-damaged refineries in Texas. Yet ... there was no apparent s uch shortage all the way across Tennessee in route to here.Is there any such gasoline "shortage" in your area?
You should!
When people are losing everything this is not an essential topic in my opinion.
Chicago Lady
With the economy, I'm wondering when I'll actually be able to retire, travel, relax, watch my garden grow. Does anyone else feel this way? .
Neither candidate really sounded like they have a handle on the current so-called financial crisis. I'm not talking overall economy now but the specifc $1Trillion mortgage and loan abortion. That's scary. Agreed?
If he plans to give all taxpayers a break - their won't be funds to support his War on Terrorism or whatever his New Surge will be called. He sure won't balance any budget - maybe this is why he won't answer the question - he can't. He claims to have an answer but refuses to make it public (Gloria Borger noticed this as well) - He doesn't want to spoil the suprise - just like his intentions with Pakistan - keep em in the dark!
It is simple economics people. Obama wants to raise Cap. Gains tax from the current 15 percent up to 35 percent, raise Estate (Death) Tax up to 45 percent, raise Corporate taxes from 35 percent to 38 percent, raise tax rate on individuals and small businesses that earn over 250k by additional 5.7 percent, raise taxes on oil and gas companies by 15 percent. Obama will only lower individual income taxes on people earning less than 250k by increasing the standard tax deduction by 1500 dollars which equates to about 400 dollars saved after you complete the forms. Everyone who sells a home or buys fuel or consumer goods will pay 3 times that tax deduction in increased prices on goods and cap gains . If you die, your dependents will pay 3 times the current tax rate on your estate. McCain offers lowering Cap Gains from 15 down to 7.5 percent and Death Tax down to 15 percent while raising Estate level to 5 million for that tax. READ THEIR PLANS! Their is a reason Obama does not talk specifics!