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Cutey With A Booty
I have my own opinion, but I am wondering if there is any hole in that argument.
Given many young men and women in the economic status of today may be lead towards a military career, but still with all the wars it would seem recruiters would have a tough go getting to sell it to many nowadays..opinions?
The democrats are blocking off shore drilling and the Republicans air blocking the clean energy bill.
Ze'_enigma Of Dissidence..!!!
China poses a dilemma for our conservative economists and politicians. In one way it's a socialist (communist) government and society, but at the same time it is exploiting its people to create a western-style society of entrepreneurs, businesses, investments and trade so that it can compete in the global market place. I'll be interested to hear President Bush's comments on his visit to the county for the Olympics. I wonder if he'll come home with the same comment he made when met Russian President Putin: (To paraphrase) "I looked into the eyes of the Chinese people and saw a government I can trust."
I am thinking in terms of people actually being motivated to find a way for the US to not be so dependent or foreign oil, the implementation of more methanol, the fact that farmers now have a product to make money with,and other things like that. Anyone care to point something out? I'm not interested in hearing about how freedom is better for the Iraqi people or other debatable topics.
Yes, I am mocking the reich wing.