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A genius in: Political Science, Politics, Economics, World Trade, World Economics, Business, Government, USA Constitution, News Media, Spin, etc.
With local gas prices of +$4.00 a gal, Could we buy are gas in Saudi at $.42 cents a gal. and ship it Fed-X, Yellow, or Land/Sea to your home/town/USA and save some money at the pump?
The Oracle
Get rid of the strangehold of foreign oil? Full employment of everyone? Return to the gold standard?
The FDIC has suspended foreclosures to try to work out arrangement with good faith borrowers.
The Oracle
The holdings are SO enormous- they're equal to half the national debt. If not for any other reason than sheer self-survival, should the Feds bail them out?
Like, energy that other countries produce that the US uses (not destroys like everyone says energy can't be created or destroyed) You know what I mean... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!If possible can I have the answers in percents? It would be easier to under stand.You know what I'm asking.Like ____% of this comes from another country etc. PLEASE HELP!
Globally Interested