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Looks like we may be in it for the long haul as far as these gas prices going up. Someone said it is better to fill up early in the morning as the liquid isn't heated up and expanded as much, so you get more in your tank. Don't know if it is really true though. Anyone have any good ideas?
Can we just charge more for our other exports while building more refineries and alternative sources of energy?And why not be more competitive in our consumership?Buying from other venders than the ones we have been buying from might cause them to treat us better right?Can someone explain this to me please?
UN wants to disarm the US (It's biggest source of income)Also many countries buying up resources from US.Much of that metals, (and buying it at high price as well) now what will the US do when something happens that it needs much metal?( For instance if the war happens)What do you know about this?
Did you know that in China on average the household puts away 30% of their monthly income for savings.
Congress appears to be deadlocked on renewing tax credits for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar. Could this be the end of our hopes for future renewable energy? Will our children, and their children, still be dependent on oil?
When you start looking at foreign policy and why we feel the need to help some and ignore others, it starts to become more and more clear. The clarity shows that we are a bought out nation. We would like to call ourselves the most powerful nation in the world, but the truth of the matter is, we have masters. If we mess with our masters, they will just pull the rug from under us. That is, they will pull their money out of their investment that is the U.S.A. How does that make you feel?​ign_0504.html
I've had to cut out some of my entertainment costs, morning gourmet coffee, and eating out costs.