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Carlos Mayes
Yeah im interested in reading one of Jean jacques rousseau works but im looking for a certain kind of work of his. I want to know the name of his work in which he sees that human can be very cruel and the human mind is a dangerous thing.
Signed a contract with WMI in 2001. It continues to auto renew and the rates keep going up. I can't afford to keep paying and have been told by sales rep that I either have to pay the 6 month buyout or wait until the next cancellation date which is in two years. The contract self renews in three year increments. Also have a friend who bought a business and WMI is insisting that they are liable for the previous owner's contract . What a rip-off!!!!!!! Any help would be truly appreciated..........
One Twisted Child
While we know that inflation is not directly controlled by the government whereas taxation is, the government does have a hand in shaping the determining factors which bring about it's rapid increases.Are the two interlinked?Do you believe an increase/decrease in taxation influences the rate of inflation in any tangible way?Is there any one entity that should bear the brunt of the blame for any increases in inflation?
The last time I remember a Republican President balancing the budget was when President Eisenhower was leaving office. I remember him saying it when I was around 8 years old. I don't recall ever hearing it from another Republican President and will check shortly to see how many budgets have ever been balanced. If you truly believe the Democrats are the ones responsible for spending, back it up with facts. Can you do a comparison of Presidents and balanced budgets?
In many of the postings I keep reading the hate toward the rich and the pity party for the poor. I believe that that we are each responsible for our circumstances. I further believe that until a poor man creates jobs we need to quit making the rich man a villain. Most wealth people got that way by working very very hard. When you tax the rich to a point that they quit investing new jobs are not created and the economy starts back peddling. If you want to tax the rich then make it illegal for someone of any form of welfare to by beer, wine, or the like, cigarettes, steak - other than round, nikes, or any etc. If your going to punish the rich for creating jobs your need to punish those at the low end of the totem pole by making them make better choices with OUR money.
Help build irrigation systems, and industry in Mexico instead of Africa?If we help our neighbor it would probably be beneficial to the whole continent I would think.How do you feel about issues like this?
Give tax breaks to large corporations as incentive to keep more jobs in the USA.Under penalty if the do not abide by certain rules, say like; giving less to CEO's and big wigs, and give the average worker more pay etcetera?Or something like that?
percentage of world goods made in China;umbrellas-70%buttons- 60%U.S. shoes-72%U.S. kitchen appliances-80%U.S. artificial christmas trees-85%U.S. toys-80%Percentage of goods from China that end up on Wal-Mart Shelves-9% (interesting)Out of all the recalled toys in the U.S. in 2007 100% were from China (interesting)Number of months that a Chinese factory worker has to work to have enough money to buy one "Thomas the Train" engine set- 6 months
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