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The Oracle
Cherish Wisdom
What do you thin would happen to the American economy? What is you opinion on this article from MSN Money?​WeThrewOutAllTheIllegalImmigrants.aspx
Samuel Deva
crude is dropping and will continue to do so... look for more to "woo" the voters in November....
What is your opinion of the state of the economy?
What I mean is the power company is charging you for the fuel they are using. How much has it increased your Bill? Figure it out please. Mine is over 30% higher than last year's. What do you think of this? Isn't it anorther increase in the cost of living?
They increase the sales buy lowering prices to sell any at all rather than sell nothing .. they are increasing the the demand buy lowering prices ...Will this continue do you think ?
Everyone knows motorcycles get twice the mileage as cars, shouldn't they be rewarded for their contribution to fuel efficiency?
An American Citizen
An excellent article, the first of two parts is in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, for friday, October 10, 2008.
He first stole Hillary's speeches and it didn't work. Suddenly, he convert to call for change. Surely, McCain has nothing good to tell Americans about the economy, health care and education ,other than telling his war stories over and over and over again and again. How can McCain call for change when he and Bush has been on the same page for eight years. It is hard to train an old dog a new trick.
So I was looking at the quote for Boeing. I noticed that it said "Ask Size: 1,000" Does this mean that you have to buy a minimum of 1,000 shares or can you buy however many you want?(Just curious about this, I'm not investing)
Under the haze of the Sarah Palin entrance on the election scene, remains THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of the election, the ECONOMY. McCain has already admitted that he doesn't understand the economy and now his mentor has decried his economic policy. Given these facts, why should voters still support him?​01
Back in 1989, McCain, along with four other Senators, was accused of improperly aiding Charles Keating, chairman of the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, in efforts to hamper regulators from intruding on the industry's risky investment practices. McCain, who had received over $100,000 in campaign contributions from Keating, was ultimately rebuked by the US senate for "poor judgment". One of the Senate's members ripped John McCain on Tuesday for offering a phony populist self-portrayal in the wake of the current crisis in the financial markets. In the process, Sherrod Brown of Ohio raised the Republican nominee's involvement in the Keating Five scandal as evidence that voters couldn't trust McCain's record on both the economy and ethics.
Maddad I wonder if either has the financial backing to pull it off. But can they survive either way?