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You may deny a human cause to global warming, but you cannot deny that the Earth is changing. Simply considering that the polar ice caps are receeding, Greenland's glaciers are melting, any mountain historically showing snow and ice now showing bare ground... Now I am no scientist, but I've seen ice in a glass and it eventually melts, and I learned at a pretty young age as to why. WHY ARE WE STILL DEBATING THE OBVIOUS? Please explain how these events can occur and the Earth is NOY getting warmer. The root cause is, of course, the ever increasing hords of human population. Again, I don't believe you need to be a scientist to understand an increasingly large consuming force versus a finite supply of resources. Stopping wouldn't happen overnight, so we need to get thinking about it, shan't we?
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When seeds are patented, water privatised, roads, currency & media owned by multinational companies, will the world be more democratic? Will your vote mean anything anymore?
There is a GAS STRIKE in effect on FRIDAY MAY 2,2008. DO NOT BUY GAS ON THAT DAY!!!
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In Canada we have the Metric System. I want to know the following, In my area, a Litre of gasoline is selling for approximately, $1.20/L. I want to know, if you converted that to U.S. Gallons, what would U.S. Citizens be paying for a gallon of gas, if it was at that price of $1.20/L? I know its over $5.00 a Gallon. Apparently, I am Hollywood, and I am NOT smarter than a 5th Grader. Thank you. Please post the formula, and how you worked it out.I am drawing a blank.
In Canada, in my area, we are paying for Regular Gas, approximately $1.20 per Litre. Based on my last question, that works out to approximately $4.55 per U.S. Gallon.
and which Country has the second largest oil reserves in the World, next to Saudi Arabia? You may be very surprised
debate the benefits and drawbacks of market and mixed economies
Would you like to hear my ideas about the new economic system I created called - Provisionalism?