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Short term profits , no long term planning, caught up in the greed now they want our help?
The states in worst economic shape, for example New York with a 5 billion dollar deficit, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey all running large deficits... well you get the idea.
Please share with us your feelings of oppression.
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What coke product do you buy most of
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If the worldwide recession bites hard, would a return to 19th century practices be cruel and inhuman or a practical solution?
Blue Cafe
China has privatised most of their industry, housing reduced welfare in the attempt to become a world player on the economic field; it seems to have worked well for them, however they haven't changed their totalitarian stance nor introduced open elections. Is this the first time in history that dictatorial party rules a capitalist economy?
Let me start out by saying that this is not a trick question. The steady rise in gas prices has definitely increased our daily costs of living. The side effect though has been a recent boom in R&D towards hybrid and other fuel efficient vehicles. Has the steady rise in gas prices than been a good or bad thing for our society as a whole? (economic and environmental)
Samuel Deva
based on initial start-up costs of living off the grid- the monetary recovery of initial investments...