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Mac....of Moot And Mac
The housing market is doing poorly with an increasing amount of foreclosures, unemployment rate increased and the U.S. dollar is worth less.
Tags: recession
It is an addiction, I hope you agree.I've been reading about the struggles of societies to change from coal to natural gas, gas to gasoline. It's how the US came to dominance. Demand for oil is increasing worldwide. It's not "our oil." We have so much tied to oil and prices WILL increase as demand increases for an ever decreasing supply. Why are we not pushing harder toward national security. If oil supplies were cut by even 25%, we'd be "hurtin' fer certain." How can we remain in such a precarious position? Don't we need the government to help promote alternative energy? (No, not ethanol.) Solar and Wind in many European countries is making huge strides. And we... aren't.$3 trillion for the war... could have been a lot of research and development... Now that's national security.
Tags: addiction
The FED is printing money as fast as they can and bailing out banks with pour business practices. Since, the paper they print is not backed by anything of intrinsic value, do you feel that this will further devalue the US dollar?
you decided yet. Or are you going to bank it when you get it? My husband is going on a well deserved golf vacation to Hilton Head with some buddies and the money will be spent for that trip in our house.
Texas oilman T Boone Pickens said, ' investment froth has pushed up oil prices by $15.'The flood of money into the new breed commodity index funds is unsustainable and will come back to haunt us. - James Steel