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Near the end of the Reagan administration, in October 1987, the stock market lost one quarter of the value of it's market cap, in a single day's trading. In other words, the value of all stocks traded was worth only 75% of what they were worth, the day before. Early the next morning, when the market had not received all the money to cover the loss, the Federal Reserve Chairman was relieved to hear that a bank had offered the NYSE an unauthorized loan, so it could open the next day. The system was saved by the skin of it's teeth. What changes to trading were enacted to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future?
1. A monopolist with a straight-line demandcurve finds that it can sell two units at $12 each or 12 units at $2 each. Its fixed cost is $20 and itsmarginal cost is constant at $3 per unit. [a] Assume single pricing. Calculatethe output produced by the monopolist. Calculate the price selected by the monopolist. Calculate the monopolist’s total profit. Assume single pricing. Calculate total surplus. Calculate the deadweight loss.[c] Assume perfect price discrimination. Calculate the output produced by themonopolist. Calculate the monopolist’s totalprofit. [d] Assume perfect price discrimination. Calculate total surplus. Determine the deadweight loss.Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Goodbye, Cruel World
The Fed has been keeping interest rates low, resulting in a weak dollar. Oil is priced in dollars. Has the lower Federal Reserve discount rate been a significant factor in the prices we see at the pump?
On , below the search bar is the 3 most searched items on MSN live search for today, one of those items is "toys made in US". Do you think that Americas are going to be boycotting Chinese-made toys this Christmas, because of safety concerns?
The lost mountains of iowa are inhabited by rare deer. Patches of grass are far apart in this land. If a deer find a fresh patch of grass and spends "h" hours grazing it, it gets the square root of "h" units of grass. The deer compete for grass. Where there are "n" deer, it takes a deer "n^2" mins to find a fresh patch. A deer can survive if it gets 1 unit of grass every 200 mins. a. Find the average cost in time of a unit of grass if a deer gets "y" units of grass from each patch.b. How much time will an efficient deer spend in each patch where there are "n" deer? (Hint: Minimize average cost.)c. Since there is free entry into the deer business, the equilibrim population is the maximum number of efficient deer who can survive. How many is this?