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Goodbye, Cruel World
in bonds that could be defaulted first, before any other bonds issued by the borrower when it needs to write off its own debt?Do you know that is the kind of bonds that Congress has been "selling" to the Social Security trust fund?
In 2005, the EIT was originally proposed as a real, brick-and-mortar university that has research, classes and grants degrees. But then the EU countries began squabbling over which country would get it. Then in 2006 it was changed to a 2.5 billion euro virtual network of researchers all over the continent. Then it became a small number of real university campuses. Now, finally, since member countries are reluctant to cough up the money, the proposal is for a 300 million euro set of research centers on just a few areas of science, that do not even offer classes or degrees. Is this project doomed (I mean, it's become so different from the original proposal, what's the point now--the EU already funds science...)? Does it show that the EU is not such a "U"? Do you know something about it I don't know?
Jimmy Daniels
I often evaluate stocks by comparing average daily volume as a percentage of market cap. I am familiar with bar charts that contain volume information. I was wondering if there was a more automated approach that would save me from calculating and comparing.
By far, most economist dismissed supply side economics as a trojan horse excuse to give money to the rich for political purposes. Even during the economically domestic times, it was never viewed with success. How can it work in a global economy?
When a country is running out of money, why doesnt the head of a country just go to the mint and ask them to print some more notes and store them in a national safe of something?
Wall Street is beginning to think so. Is the worst for housing market yet to come?