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Some say that we are close to the bottom of the recent market drops. Others have said we might end up in a depression. What is your take?
Jims Best Angle
The vast majority of people pay there bills and their mortgages on time or pretty close to on time every month, year in, year out.Should we just stop paying, and when the bank calls tell the person on the other end "I made my payment last April 16th to the IRS. Ask the Feds for your payment. Do not call me again"Why should we (the responsible people) be paying twice?
Is the Peso is looking more and more valuable compared to the Dollar?
with the current Banking/Housing failures? This question deserves to be answered again see 4/5/08 answers on Q and A, who's right and who's wrong?
Dr. Wolfman
All kinds of things are running through my mind, but what about you? Share with me what your thoughts are? thanks :)
Our congressmen are holding hearings on the most important legislation our country has seen in 50 years....all about the economy and why this bailout is soo necessary. Why are they qualified? Are you? Is Obama....because he's an attorney -- or McCain because he's been in the Senate over 20 years? ('course they aren't even there), but I think you understand what I mean. What makes our politicians qualified to tweak and tear apart this legislation? The answer is, they're not. If they don't trust the experts, get new experts, I say. What say you?
Breaking new on CNN: Top management and top executives are being investigate on fraud charges.Should we wait before handing out 700 billion dollars?
Albert Page
I don't know the answer and won't pretend too. I want answers because the thought popped into my mind and I am curious. What would happen if the government said something like "if anyone invests their money into stocks, mutual funds, etc between October 3rd and the will never have to pay taxes on that investment when you decide to sell it." My first thought is people might sell before the 3rd and buy again. But, they would pay taxes on their sell before the 3rd so it isn't too smart to do this. The idea being that a lot of people are hording money right now because of the economy. It might also get people who haven't invested before to do so now. This would get money back into the market. What kind of impact do you think this would have overall if any?Also -note that people won't be selling their stocks or mutual funds at the same time. Maybe this month for one guy - maybe 30 years from now for another. So the taxes not being paid wouldn't affect us really.
Tags: economy
Benny​ead-over-mccain-45-to-39/ Hard to call the ABC poll out today showing Obama leading by 9 an outlier now as even FOX News is showing a major shift to Obama. Two weeks ago, FOX News had McCain up by 3%, so this represents a 9% shift to Obama, similar to the 11% shift to Obama that the ABC poll showed. We'll see if the McCain campaign calls another press conference to try and discredit a FOX News poll. I suspect they won't. What do you think?Obama is trusted more to handle the economy by 10 percentage points, the related issue of taxes by 7 points, and he also leads on handling energy independence by 10 points. His largest advantage — 21 points — is on handling the issue of health care.By a 5-point margin more voters think the Democratic ticket has “better judgment combined” — a reversal from two weeks ago when the Republican ticket had a 4-point edge.
Tags: mccain
Jims Best Angle
If the democrats are not getting what they want in the Financial Bailout, will Nancy Pelosi shutdown the House again. After all, it is a schedule vacation period just like when she shutdown the House during the energy debate. That seem to be an acceptable reason to her supports then, would it still be acceptable?