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Or do you have potential manmade one to worry about?
Elton John
My lecturer talked about it today, but I didn't understand what he was saying about it. Thanks.
Himalayan Style
What has to prepare for owning a stock in a US market?
Goodbye, Cruel World
The proponents of DST list a few benefits but I seldom see dollar values. As an opponent, I am interested in estimates of the various costs associated with DST. For instance, I estimate the economic value of US residents changing personal clocks, etc. twice a year to be $2,000,000,000 assuming 100,000,000 persons spending 15 minutes each spring and fall at an average wage of $20/hr but with double time since the changes are made when it is most inconvenient.
how to develop marketing carrier
Flexible Hours, Paid vacations, 401K Plan (100%matching), Free Medical and Dental, No Exp. Req., Poor Communication Skills Ok, You don't even have to be that smart, Being able to talk Smack a plus, Know when to be friendly and know when to drop the hammer skills will be trained, free training. Must be able to type 2 words a minute (incorrect is ok).Driver's license and drug test screening.Please post resume, salary requirements, special needs request and available start date.