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Gray Wolf
The counter-package proposed by House Republicans, would shift focus entirely from spending to tax relief.
Cutey With A Booty
Cutey With A Booty
Trying to understand the tax cut approach. As economy continues to lose jobs, how will tax cut help those who have lost their jobs? No job means no taxes so how can that help?
Tags: economy
the profile of major world issues and funds to help address those? WIll Bob Geldorf or Bono now jump on the global recession 'band' wagon?
Aquarius The Brett
Despite the huge elephant maintenance problem? I just noticed an ecolodge on a remote mountain and wondered how much effort it takes to feed that location and all these other hyped environmental cause effects.
The President's proposals for nationalized healthcare, is figured to cost from 20% to 30% of our Gross National Product (GNP).Medicare and Social Security already account for 40% of our federal budget, ..these new expenses will push further up medical expenditures to keep us alive, ..up to more than half, ..maybe to two-thirds of our Federal Budget to keep ourselves alive, and still walking around.But for what? ..We won't be able to afford housing, or college, or one of those new government autos.We are going to spend all our money, just to keep a "breathing body" alive.Who knows if that "breathing body" will be able to find a job, ..or food, ..or a house,..We DO know that ACORN can corral all "breathing bodies" together, to vote for whomever the Democrats ask them to vote for.I guess that's enough progress for one nation's history, eh??---UURRRGGHHHH, .."Nurse!, ..Nurse!, ..Where's my glass of water???"
And if so, how? Eating at home as opposed to eating out? Using the coffee pot instead of Starbucks? Making extra of something and freezing it?Thanks everyone!
Or does that annual membership fee seem like an added expense that isn't necessary? For us it was not necessary. But, in these tough economic times, some feel it's even more important to stock up ahead of time. What about you? Thanks!
Will Rudy appeal to the independant voter?Will Rudy appeal to the moderate Democrat and/or moderate Republican?Are you glad he is running and why?Or could you careless?