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There's 380 million of us. Would not that help get the economy back on it's feet much quicker than these silly bailout for the rich who squandered their money needlessly?
rescission authority under fast-track procedures. 1/24/07​fm.cfm?congress=110&session=1&vote=00022
rescission authority under fast-track procedures? 1/24/07​fm.cfm?congress=110&session=1&vote=00022
For instance, sometime in the future when even kids in remote town use credit card to buy candy from local store, and all payments are sent from one bank account to another. Physical money is becoming thing of the past.Is there a way to know and limit the nominal of money flowing in our economy ? The banks could loan money out of thin air, and because the network spans across nation, the money stays in the internet.I know for physical money, the government could limit the number of money available by controlling the minting. But for those electronic transactions already existing nowadays, is there any system that control how much money is going around from an institution to another, and keep them from "conjuring money out of nothing" ?
Does it mean that we are all within that "big tent" of Supreme Being, ..and that we should use that reminder as we interact with each other? ..on a personal, and also a political and economic way toward each other? ..To "Treat our neighbor as our self"?Or is that "Under God" phrase more importantly intended as a reminder that our nation is NOT the Supreme Being, ..that we are definitely "under" God, and therefore need to watch our ideas of just how powerful our government should imagine itself.
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Cutey With A Booty
Bush still has 60 days left in office. He is still the President. What is he doing today to make this country better?
Cutey With A Booty could have spoken up but he's not the President! There is only 1 President at a time! Bush is still our President. He still has 60 days to go!
..doing away with toll booth operators?.. how would that affect the community? what are your thoughts?.. keep in mind the trains still run by a conductor but eventually they will by computers..
Corey Adcock
Considering all that is going on in the world would it be harder to be in Barack Obama's position? One of those major car-dealers? Or is it all those unemployed that have it the worse? What other tough jobs are their right now?
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Was Biden right when he said that Obama would be tested early? The country is broke, no one can get credit, banks are failing, we are at war in two places, we are bleeding jobs. Is this the big challenge?
Why are so many members here so into Nordstrom? Isn't Macy's OK enough? Or JCPenney? Sears? K-Mart?!Maybe not Wal-Mart in case we might get trampled to death. Although I guess if I were hanging out with a large group of QnAers I'd watch out around Nordstrom! (Just trying to be funny.)
People blame bush for the economy, the war, even the freaken weather (Katrina).... why is this? and if you blame him, tell me what you would have done different in his situation?