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your playing a number guessing game with a friend his/her number is between 1 and 1,000,000...

What is the minimum number of questions you have to ask to be sure of the number

You don't specify the exact rules, just "ask questions". If I can guess a number and have the person say "higher" or "lower" after each guess, then I can perform a binary search and get the correct answer in no more than 20 guesses.

Basically, always split the remaining base in half, and each guess eliminates one half of the remaining possible numbers. If the number chosen was 125,000, for example, I would guess 500,000 and you would tell me lower. This eliminates any number > 500,000... half the original set. Then I guess 250,000 (half of 500,000) and you tell me lower. Then I guess 125,000 and I got it correct.

(grin) Yes, I'm a computer geek.


i take it that you are not related to Hong Kong Phooie? LOL- love that cartoon...


I would more than likely have to ask about 500 questions

take care

Still Changing:

That would depend on if they are telling the truth.Or 1 In A Million Girl..


The minimum number would be ONE ... if I was exceedingly lucky ... or if I merely asked for their answer. DUH!


Now if I was the Amazing Kreskin, I wouldn't even need to ask. ;-)


no you cant just be lucky, you have to be absolutely sure


If I ask "Truthfully, what is the number?" That is ONE question. I suppose that I wasn't clear enough the first go 'round. ;-)




What HongKongCV said !!!



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