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Non Original Question no 3...............Hows the New Year Treating ya????


musta missed 1 and 2...
ill go back and see if i can wreck em...
started snowing last night and didnt stop yet, live on dirt roads that havent frozen yet, so you can guess what thats like...
other than that, santa got lost and never made it here in time.
power has been out for days, nah nah de nah nah, (i live off power, make my own, so watching the lights NOT come on at night is like it used to be when i first moved out...and all the 50,000 square foot steel airplane hangers werent built yet. what is is about people who move to the country and then they have to put up complete eyesores on the very top of the highest hill they have? completely ruin the idea of being in the country for everyone for miles around, a$$holes:(((
so you can tell im loving the new year, sos just different time...


It's treating me really good. And, I hope it is treating you well, too! :)


something about i dont like my school district, the Exam is after the break, i had not much fun over my Christmas


It is too soon for me to tell yet :)

take care


If you want honesty...Like a sack of rotten potato's,,,,,But if you want a lie,,Wonderful,Great,,Couldn,t be doing better,,Thank you soo much for asking,,Hows yours,,LOL


Non- original answer #6- How the hell are ya, Inso ! Just fine here, Happy New Year to you.

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