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Do you believe there are more books being written now that we have the internet? A process which

would make the manuscript much easier to write and correct than was the case with the typewriter and pen. I don't have a clue as I have never heard any statistics on such.

I don't see why the Internet would increase the number of books being written. Long before everyone started using the Internet there were word processing programs and computers available.


You are right, I think I messed up my question. I actually meant to say computers not the internet..oops My brain was just thinking internet, I guess. Maybe I need to reload my processor and start over...


Bullshipper, we all have those moments. :)

Still Changing:

I would so yes.It would be a lot easier.


I would think it would make them easier... they would have research right there at their fingertips... not so many trips to the library....


That is a good point too mom, actually what I was trying to say was computers not internet. My processor short circuited, I think.....


do you remember watching doogie howser md...? he entered his daily musings on a computer... we have sure come a looooong way...

Aquarius the Brett:

More people, more literate, more communicative, more ideas. I do believe in mass publication on paper in the year 2008! Plastic electronic manuscripts aren't taking over in some reloadable format just yet so it's the completely readable paper or the inanely unreadable device for now.


I believe that there are not more books written; but that you are able to find on the internet a greater volume of sales and advertising books. Both of which add to awareness and sales volume.

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