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How should I go about painting the plastic fenders on my 4-wheeler?

I have a 1986 Polaris Trail Boss 250 R/ES. I am going to paint the fenders and the gas tank black. Any special way I should go about this? I have paint thats good for plastic. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Any time you paint plastic, use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. It eliminates the fish-eye effect when painting, and cleans the oils off the surface so the paint will adhere better. Good luck to you, dbo!!!!!!!!! :>)


Good advice T. How ya doing. I might hit them with some very fine (600) sandpaper too.


Doin' good johbee, thanks. Even with 600 grit, wouldn't it groove the plastic? I've never tried it, just wondering and learning... :>) Good ta see ya, my friend!!!!

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