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Mac....Of Moot and Mac

Aside from WHO causes auto accidents....what do you see as the causes of these?


inexperience, impatience and inattention. the last is the worst.
phones cause us to pay attention with the same part of our brain used for driving. something we've all noticed, either by watching someone else, or by seeing it in ourselves.


Too many people too much traffic, everybody's in a rush, too much congestion, so I guess the law of averages applies here. Accidents are bound to happen. In my part of the world driving is like playing a video game where you're trying to avoid almost everything on the roads, and by the time you get home from a drive you are zonked!


So true here in New Jersey.


Ditto... for real. Not enough road for the road hogs LOL!


I'm just guessing but i would say drinking,drugs,and the use of ignorant people on cell phones!


Flat tires and blowouts, potholes, poorly marked street signs and lights, stop signs that come up out of nowhere, speed bumps, etc........:-)


Can't we type fart here? Of course, farding sounds the same...hard to make them SOUND different when I say much to think about this morning, lol!!


you cant be too careful anymore....



Literally Speaking ™:

Inattention by far is the main cause.



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