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Why Does the 2008 Election Race, Resemble American Idol So Much?

I'm getting very weary of the mudslinging, backstabbing and innuendos. Get to the 'Real' Issues candidates.

politics has always been about the things you mentioned.
the more technology we get the more we see these things
there's nothing new here that wasn't going on since the beginning of elections


Yuuup! just getting tired of same old same old. I thought the lection for the President was to choose the 'best' person to lead the United States 'well'. i guess i'm becoming cynical about US politics. Live right next door in Canada. We have some of the 'same' here at election time, but 'issues' are the centrepoint, not a popularity contest!
Take Care, John

Doctor Woot:

American Idol song an dance show. Elections are a song an dance and a liar spectacular.

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