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Has anyone got experience with arbitration relating to auto insurance settlements?

What is the process and what should we take with us?

Hi Jackie, I know the arbitration sets a low and high rate, that your attorney and the auto insurance company attorney agree upon. I have a great civil attorney in Manhattan, deals with auto ins. companies a lot, the law office of Melvin Jacknowitz, tell him Randy referred you and good luck hun.


Thanks for the advice and the reference. The accident occured and we weren't at fault but the other insurance company offered us less than Bluebook value yet they called it a total wreck. I posted the pics of my truck on my live space. Since then my hubby has been out of work and our only transport is a motorcyle. The hubby won't let me ride it when the weather is bad because he said I don't have enough experience. I agree but I'm bummed because that leaves me only rentals or public transportation. I was relying on my insurance company to tell me what to do but they aren't very forthcoming. We have never had an accident before and I thought since the police report points to the 24 yr old driver with a blood alcohol level twice the limit who lives on the island rather than the mature driver who was 30 seconds from home and sober should have made this unnecessary. They acutally offered us a settlement that didn't cover the cost of buying new tires and a tank of gas. We refused the settlement offer and now we are going to arbitration. I've never had this experience. I just want a comparable vehicle so we can get back to our normal lives. {I need to hit the mall, Roosevelt Field is missing me.}


jackie, what kind of numbnut layer do you have? You weren't at fault, your husband is hurt, and you're going to arbitration? This isn't right, call Melvin tomorrow, he can get the case over the dismissal of the moron you have working on it. NY has No fault-required...mandatory coverage, then there's uninsured and underinsured, etc, Melvin got me 30-grand for a torn maniscus, I was a passanger in a car. I'm telling you, he's the best civil attorney down there and he gets 33-1/3 percent of award. u should call me and talk about it. contact me at [email protected]


actually my hubby didn't get hurt. Thank God. The other driver did and her car was in worse shape but we drove a Chevy Suburban and she had a Toyata Prius. When they took the other driver to the hospital they tested her BA and that's how we found out the BA. Our insurance company provided the lawyer since we only had liability and they are the ones that suggested arbitration. I'll let you know what's happening. We are going on Tuesday, but I want to be prepared.


Only experience is BAD experience; was warned time and time again: DO NOT go up against insurance you may NEVER get insurance again Well, good advice. Wish that we had NEVER pursued it. Hope you have MUCH better luck Jackie!!!!!:) Pls. keep me posted:)


Isn't that sad. Read my reply/comment to Royboy. I'm flummoxed. We need to replace the vehicle but I won't accept what the initial offer was. It was insulting and degrading and we can't do anything with it that will allow my husband to work or suit my family. I've got 6 kids living here and they have places they need to be on the weekends. So far they have lost on on tournaments, try-outs and parties. I miss getting picked up from the train station when I work late. I don't like walking home 1 1/2 miles in stilettos. My legs and feet hurt.

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