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Why are there more car accidents when it rains than when it's nice outside?

It's raining here in San Francisco today - usually that means that there will be more accidents on the freeways and a lot more traffic as well. Why is it that on a rainy day, there are so many more car accidents?
Aquarius the Brett:

If you check statistics the hard object beside the road might be more dangerous on corners than anything else!


Because the oil and other dirt on the road mixes in with the rain wetness and causes the streets to get slick with the slim and it makes stopping harder. Plus it makes it harder to see and judge distances and folks follow just too darn close.:) (good to see you!)


1. roads are slipper 2. drivers don't slow down to allow for the allotted time it takes to stop. 3. Visibility is decreased.. 4. Lack of patience


Because people do not maintain their tires like they should! I think people should be ticketed for bad tires! its ridiculous, get a new set of boots for your feet sure,,, But replace tires on your car naaa it can wait---- Till your in a ambulance! Idiots!!


Some people don't understand that areas that have a higher heat index that the roads expel oils and the water induces hydroplaning much easier. Also they seem to think they can out run the weather.


because people like to drive the same way they do on dry roads.. and you can't stop as fast when the roads are wet.


I always remind people not to use their cruise control when it’s raining because of problems of hydroplaning...This is a big contributor to accidents when the road is wet...Also use common sense and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you...People forget the roads are slippery when wet and drive like they would on dry roads and this can be a deadly situation...I worked at a hospital and your correct we were the busiest when the roads were wet...:)


I can only give my opinion on this and that is that people are careless they do not take the weather conditions as seriously as they should. They drive like it is sunny and the roads are dry.

Also many put on their curse control forgetting that can cause you to hydro plan.

Take care


Reduced visibility, that's why you should have your lights on when it is raining or snowing. Driving to fast for conditions and many of the same things that people do on dry days...Heather-QnA

Aquarius the Brett:

Slip coefficient and aquaplane


can't understand why commuters don't know how to drive in our Pacific coast rain, had enough experience


More people sleep when it rains.

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