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NY Internet Tax Question, I was charged a tax on a gift I sent to NY, but I live in California. Why?

Went online to amazon, and purchased a gps for a gift to a friend who lives in new york. So then they charged me tax. I've read the online docs and such that say only residents of New York(​ner=rssnyt&emc=rss&oref=slogin ) should be charged taxes. But I live in Kalifornia! Whats up with that? The tax I mean. Here is the Amazon online doc on taxes, any time shipped to New York. It sounds like anybody who buys a gift must pay up to New York, even if they live out of state, out of country even:​#which

NY and California may have a tax reciprosity thing going on. I've seen that with other things ordered from a different state and shipped to NY where I live. $

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